Possible Impact of Twitter curating its News Feed More With Location-Tailored Trends

Fast Companay, informs that Twitter has announced Tailored Trends will become part of its service and the micro-blogging of Real time News service, whatever way you want to call it, is currently busy rolling out the TT across the world.

Fast Company notes that Tailored Trends are twitter's attempt to capture "emerging topics people are talking about on Twitter" based on their Location. Yes, the User location.

What will it means to have Twitter Curating Its News Feed More With Location-Tailored Trends:

If Twitter gives primacy to location in Tailored Trends, then you should be ready to get trends more relevant to the place you are currently sitting and not some place in India.

Twitter has enabled the user to easily turn off the location aspect and can, if curious, select locations to see the tailored trends elsewhere. Thus if you are sitting in US, then you can either switch off the location aspect for TT in your profile, and get trends across globe, or you can add your location or the Location your are interested in. So, the situation, where you will be compelled to see and empathezize with trending events in India will not arise, if you don't want to.

But this subtle adjustments or options, can have significant impact for how you use Twitter and the scope of the information consumed.

The Significant impact is: What if you permanently choose, out of boredom or lack of hassle, to keep trends from specific locations? Will that make you local in your outlook and use of Twitter? In such a scenario, will Twitter lose its effectiveness as a Global News Service?

No doubt it can be great for marketers and businesses who thrive on Localness. But, won't it be like: First you traded your National Newspaper with a Local Daily; now you did the same with Twitter?

If Location awareness becomes a force on Twitter, can we expect "Relief for Haiti" like campaigns in future?


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