See Twitter Users in Your Locality on a Map

See Twitter Users on a Map If you are an active Twitter user, then many a times you may have the desire to see tweets in context to their location. That is, you want to see: where exactly the person making the tweet is located OR you may want to know fellow twitter users from your locality. Location awareness provided by Twitter can always tell you the location, but what if you want to know the exact location. Here, Twigator can be of Help.

" : Point & View twitter on map" is a new app which links Twitter to Google Maps, works on the simple premise: You disclose your exact location to fellow Twitter users and they will reveal to you theirs. In time, this group will swell up (already thousands of users are using it) and you will be able to see fellow Twitter users in your locality.

How To use Twigator:

1) First of all turn on "Tweet location" in your twitter profile first. It's under Setting > Tweet Location field in Account.

2) Go to and Sign in with Twitter (Button on Top Left).

3) Locate your location on the map ( Point red marker on map to your location). And once you nailed your location, write a tweet in the compose box, floating on top right.

Twigator includes all basic functions of twitter, as following:

1) Check tweet messages in real time anywhere on earth by moving map to any place you desired. Another way is to enter the place name in location searching box. will automatically center the map to that location.

2) Follow tweets of a persion you're interested in via

URL. For example

3) Searching by any keywords including @, by typing in text searching box. If the search result are tweets with location, they will be shown on the map.

4) The most interesting feature is "Point and Tweet". This feature help us to send a tweet message with location. Doing this by logging in Twigator website with your twitter account, mark a point on the map and tweet.

Example applications of this feature such as:

- Tell our friends meeting location.

- Show friends about a place you visited.

- Business organization tweets a marketing message with location.

- For news reporting, You can send news via a tweet message with location of incident, while you are in another location.


The positives of the App can be the awareness of location. The info can used not only for marketing but also for making groups etc.. Among negatives is that if you use multiple Twitter accounts then you will have to empty your browser cache, in case you want to link some other Twitter Account. --------

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