Sony allows HTC to Make Devices for PlayStation Games

Only hours back, Sony, announced about its deal with Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, under which HTC will be making devices that can run PlayStation games. This is the first time Sony has allowed an outside company to do so.

Mobile is the way to Go: 

The move is being seen as, Sony finally realising that when it comes to gaming, "Going Mobile" is the way forward. This new found wisdom made Sony open its PlayStation platform to other devices from even rivals (tablets and smartphones). Beginning with HTC devices. Under the deal, Sony Computer Entertainment, the firm's game division, said HTC will join its new PlayStation Certified program. Under the program, Sony can approve certain devices to use its game platform and run official PlayStation titles, provided they meet hardware and software requirements.

What compelled Sony to Open Up:

Sony's inability to gain new consumers to its PlayStation brand in recent times and resulting massive losses.

The Reasons: 

Sony has been operating the PlayStation brand under the traditional game console model where titles run exclusively on its hardware. But of late, the gaming on smartphones and tablets, is getting popular at a meteoric pace. Anyone who has a smartphone or a tablet can download game apps and play. Consoles are increasingly getting restricted to passionate or serious gamers. Sony opening its PlayStation Brand to other devices, is its acceptance of the challenge posed by cheap and easily downloadable apps on smarthones and tablet PCs.

New Name 'PlayStation Mobile':

Sony's gaming division also said it will rename the platform that will provide the games to approved devices, from PlayStation Suite to PlayStation Mobile, reflecting its focus on mobile devices. The platform includes a developer suite, the certification program, and an online software store that offers software titles. Sony also said it will work harder to connect its devices with its extensive music, movie and game holdings through online platforms. --------

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