Apps to delight Social Networking Managers

According to an update, Facebook has unveiled the fact that your brand page reaches approx 16 percent of the audience. Seem to be quiet frugal. But don’t get disheartened because facebook has certain tools that can enhance the visibility of your brand page. Here are the two tools that social networking managers can use to ensure that their posts are seen by the large number of fans.

Reach Generator- Earlier this year Facebook introduced the new advertising feature to replace the dominance of pay per click advertising. It gives social networking managers an edge over their competitors as it is designed to enhance brand visibility and strength of the marketing content. In this, you need to pay a flat fee for the services obtained.

Facebook claims that by using this app, you can reach 75% of the audience, but that is yet to be seen. One thing that Facebook is pretty confident is through it, you will be able to reach more than 16 percent of the fans.

Promoted Posts- Facebook has started to roll over a new app through which you can promote your status updates to more fans. The cost of availing this feature is $ 5 to $3000 per post. If, you’ll observe you’ll see promote button on your box to add the updates. The more you pay, the more you’ll reach to your audience- is the new mantra. By clicking this button, you can choose to how many people, you want to post your updates.

Wrap Up

Now, the Facebook is not limited to the Edge Rank. It has added two more tools into its purview. No more hopes, ifs and buts, you will reach your fans instantly and that will provide you a sure advantage.
Moreover, now this conglomerate is a publicly trading company and it has to proffer everything to add smile on the face of their shareholders. Social Networking Managers also has a reason to rejoice because with these tools you can improve the visibility and overall presence of your web page in the clutter of the World Wide Web. As long as, users don’t have a reason to object; these apps has something for everyone.

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