Google rivalry with Facebook

The most common dilemma that remains in the mind of the people is Can Google beat Facebook. Well, Facebook gave a good start and re engineered the World Wide Web But, now there are a host of reasons why people will dump Facebook for Google plus.

Integration in all its services-Google it set to roll out a new era where it will try to build Google+ social networking features and tools in all its services for example, You Tube, search documents, etc. It has already initiated steps in this direction. Let’s study how it is doing it.

It has started to integrate Google plus features in the navigation bar at the top right in all the Google products, it lets you monitor all the new updates and events. Also, you can share content with friends and family.

Google circles rocks- Google circle is an effective way to build friends and interact or communicate with them in various ways. Facebook group permit, you to make friends, but the whole functionality is a bit cumbersome.  Undoubtedly, Facebook gave a new light to the social networking, but it is unable to rock, as it is a newbie in this field.

Better mobile apps for android platform- Google plus offers neat functionalities to people who are using Android phone.  It is trying to make this app a seamless app that will act as a wedge against Facebook, whose mobile apps are clunky to use.

Easier to find information- The major thing that work against Facebook is, it is not a search engine. Hence, retrieving information from Google is easier and convenient as compared to Facebook. What’s more, with Google Spark, you can instantly get updates about your friends and family.

You can retrieve your data back- One of the greatest disadvantage of Facebook is you are forced to convert your personal data into a public data. Moreover, it is very difficult to delete your profile page. On the other hand, Google plus has a feature known as Data Liberation that makes it possible to walk away with the data, which you have added in the Google plus.

Tagging in a better manner- Facebook and Google follow the same way of tagging with a difference that Google makes an effort to warn people who are tagged, while in Facebook this functionality is missing.
Also, Google has decided to show its hesitation against facial recognition software, which facebook uses generously to identify people in photos.

Chat feature- Google plus has introduced Google Hangout a new chat feature through which video chat has become easy and convenient. Similarly, it has introduced new mobile apps Huddle for Android users, through which you can easily start group chats and share your common interests.

Google advantage- If you are on boarding Google plus, you will surely get a privacy advantage. Unlike Facebook where everyone can see your shutterbugs in Google plus only the selected persons in your circle will be able to view the content and that is known as advantage Google advantage.

Wrap Up

Thus, sooner or latter Facebook will dim and Google plus will command the market with its distinguishing features.


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