Difference between Skype and ooVoo Video Conferencing Software

With the advent of Skype, the video conferencing took a new turn. ooVoo was launched by Facebook much latter than that, but its distinguishing features has made us to compare these video conferencing software’s. Both these applications have a host of features to let you video chat with your friends and relatives. Here are some prominent differences between the two most favored applications.

Cost Advantage

·         Skype don’t offer you free video chat application, but ooVoo offer you free videoconferencing with multiple (6) friends for a lifetime.
·         Skype is moving towards a new era of globetrotting i.e. through this application, you can make calls to any phone number. It is moving to alleviate geographical barriers, while ooVoo has focused only on audio and video calling.

·         The greatest perk of having ooVoo in your arsenal is you don’t require your client to download this software. In Skype it is mandatory to download the software and then accomplish your goals.

·         ooVoo provides a superb functionality of adding chat rooms in the website or blog, while Skype doesn’t permit you do that.

·         Skype can be installed on Linux, while ooVoo can be installed on Mac and Windows platform.

·         Skype has great functionality, it embeds the code on the pages, so that you are able to call on any phone number without any hassle, but ooVoo doesn’t proffer the same application.

·         Skype is certainly costly video conferencing software. The price of Skype premium is $9.99 per month and on monthly basis it will cost you $60. Annual subscription of ooVoo premium is just $30 and $3 if you use on monthly basis.

·         Ease and convince is onboard if you use ooVoo video conferencing software, while downloading Skype requires more effort and typing.

·         ooVoo is the software that satisfies your conversation recording needs, while Skype doesn’t provide you such a functionality.

Wrap Up

These two video conferencing the software will make you run for you the money. While, Skype is conventional and we are get used to it, but ooVoo has some exclusive features that will surely leave you spellbound. We recommend you to try your hands on ooVoo too.


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