Efficient Facebook Search Tool for Facebook Page Admins

Efficient Facebook Search Tool for Facebook Page Admins -- from Statusreel.

Stausreel has launched a new Facebook widget for Facebook page admins that can be relied upon in terms of generating page likes and members. The Statusreel Facebook search tool is a free Facebook app with a simple interface and an easy access features.

Below the Press Release:

What the App offers:

When it comes to online promotions and marketing efficiency, utilizing Facebook pages has been proven effective. Aside from providing a free venue for promoting an advocacy, a business or an image, Facebook page can be used to reach millions of users across the globe. To make the process more effective, the app offers:

As a part of their job, Facebook page admins must update their account often and post unique statuses that will catch Facebook users’ attention. The success of a Facebook page is estimated on the basis of 'Number of Likes'. To generate more likes and members, initiating contact is a better idea.

Through status search, admins can locate users with same interests, concerns and views. Facebook statuses are good reference on which page to like.

In addition, Statusreel is a stand alone program but can also be embedded to a blog or website for easier access.

Statusreel serves as a Facebook search tool that leads Facebook page admins to targeted online users. Users just need to enter a topic or word related to their cause and Statusreel will reveal the Facebook users who used these topic or words to their statuses. Statusreel also provides funny Facebook status ideas and quotes. So even when you are not an Facebook Page owner/Admin,  you can spend some valuable time giggling and laughing.

How To use Statusreel App:

First the page admin has to provide his/her Facebook log in information. Online users don’t need to create another account or register to experience the benefits of using Statusreel.

How effective is Statusreel:

According to the research of the Statusreel team- users who installed Statusreel in their sites had an increase in traffic rate.

Installing is easy. The user must click the ADD STATUSREEL TO YOUR SITE button; this will lead the user to the next page that allows him to customize Statusreel through adjusting color and size. After accomplishing these steps, users must click the SAVE AND GRAB CODE to begin installation.

About Statusreel

Statusreel.com is a product designed to give end-users an instant amount of Facebook statuses in real-time. Users can search via keyword or by subject matter to see what chatter is taking place publicly on Facebook and the web. Statusreel also allows websites and blogs to embed a Facebook status widget directly into their site. Statusreel is a web-based Facebook tool that is 100% free.


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