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As mobile apps and devices are becoming more commonplace and beginning to largely
replace personal computers for many tasks, online gaming has had to change as well.
The story of Vegas technology has largely focused on the PC and Mac for many years,
but now with the shift to mobile devices, online sites are scrambling for new innovations
to unique to smartphones and iPad users. Here are a couple of innovations inspired by
mobile devices.

Instant Seating

If you have ever played at an online poker site, you are familiar that there are multiple
games for not only each variant of poker, but also for each betting limit. Players would
normally have to sort through the games to find an open seat and then open the table and
select the seat manually.

Once online casinos started to go mobile, some decided to offer the option of instant
seating. With most mobile apps that offer instant seating, you have one or two clicks and
your are playing poker. Typically all you need to do is select what limits you want to
play and you are instantly seated at a table and play can begin.

No Download Play

Numerous online poker sites now offer the option to play on their site without having to
download their full client. While some sites tried to develop this type of client to bring in
Mac users, it wasn't until the iPhone and iPad started taking off that others began to really
experiment with a no download client.

Essentially, these clients work inside a mobile browser and require either flash or java
to run. In many cases you have many of the same options you would for the PC or Mac
client, including the ability to play at multiple tables. --------

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