Facebook apps that can Break the Glass Ceiling

 We have quite often heard that facebook is transitioning the life of a blogger. But how successful has the revolution been so far. Here are some apps that has truly added value to the internet experience. Most people use these apps just for fun and entertainment, but these apps has significantly evolved over the past two years as more people have shifted to SEO business.

The facebook apps are going to be impossible to bet because they seem to be outperforming in the market.

Apps – Do they really work?

Social RSS- With social RSS apps you can add RSS feeds to your blogs, twitter, personal profile page, and Business page. Facebook is also adept at developing customized apps that suits requirements of an individual.

Networked Blogs- This application has truly revolutionized the field of social media marketing. Through this app you can add blog feed to your profile or facebook fan page. You can read different blogs, rate them, comment on them, and bookmark them.

Facebook Fan Page- A facebook fan page can help you to promote your blog in countless ways. All you need to do is to keep a fan page away from your personal account. Here are some ways to enhance the value of your brand.

·         Discussion Boards- Discussion Boards are just like a forum where you can share your views with others. It is an ideal way to build your relationship with the clients.

·         Polling- You can use this tool to assimilate data and responses from your users. You can publish the results and ask for the feedback.

·         SFBML- Have you heard this acronym before? If no, then learn it, as it would help you to deal with HTML codes. With the help of this feature you can add tabs, set up landing pages, and add customization to your blog.
Blog- It is a useful app to promote your blog or website. Another great application in your arsenal is Blog Box; it permits you to write blogs, import articles from existing blogs and update the blogs after every 6 hours. This application will truly add value to your reader’s knowledge.

Twitter- Twitter is a facebook app with which you can tweet your blog or website directly into the facebook.

Facebook ads- Facebook ads is a quicker way to make your online presence felt in the web clutter. Through, this you can attract visitors to your website or blog. But the service comes with a charge. 

Yakket- Yakket is an application that has dual purpose; it lets you to tweets with a facebook status. 

Friendfeed Facebook application- With this app you can directly update status from facebook and sync your updates from Twitter.

Wrap up

Thus, the corporate domain has witnessed an evolution; in form of facebook and going that extra mile will ensure that you have targeted traffic at your disposal.

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