Facebook Open Graph apps for your Small Business

Facebook is metamorphosing itself into a new world where it is all set to give tough competition to apple itunes and android market. The social networking company is working hard on open graph platform and it has recently introduced 60 applications for users.

Here are the top five applications that are in rage

Pininterest- Pininterest is the hottest and growing website on the World Wide Web, and hardly anyone can ignore it. Fortunately, you can get a lot of backlinks from Pininterest to your website. What you need to do is to add compelling picture to compelling content and pin it from your pininterest account. If it is engaging enough, you have a good chance to get repins and ultimately more backlinks.

Digg- Digg is another app to set your business on fire. It has been added in Facebook Open Graph apps and will surely set provide host of advantages to the small business. It is one of the widely used social bookmarking sites that proffer advantage of targeted traffic and exposure.

BranchOut- Job seekers can reap out the benefits of BranchOut instantly. Also, it is a worthy app for professionals who want to identify the connections and to post jobs not only in BranchOut, but in the whole facebook community. Many large conglomerates like Forbes, TechCrunch, FastCompany has given outstanding remarks to this app. Huh, it is waiting for your perusal.

BuzzFeed- BuzzFeed is an app to ensure that you never run out of the content. All you need to do is to check out the interesting and compelling content on the World Wide Web related to your niche and share it. It is sure shot method to reach to your audience. By regularly subscribing to RSS feed, you will remain at the top echelon position of your niche and you will be able to adapt, thrive and crush your competitors.

AppsFire- Apps fire is made to increase your browsing experience. With this app you can easily find new app both free and paid versions. One of the best features is; it offers inbuilt ranking system that presents you, which apps on the Facebook are in a rage.

Wrap Up
Facebook strives to launch more apps in its bucket. All you need to wait and see how this social networking site would grow by leaps and bounds, and your business will get a sure advantage of it.


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