Hatchi: The Best Virtual Pet Now on Android!

Hatchi, the popular virtual pet for iPhone, has finally arrived on Android. Just be warned that this app could be quite addictive especially to those who used to raise their own Tamagotchis.

The Tamagotchi fever is coming back! Gone were those days where we used to keep our virtual pets in cute keychains as we hung them on our necks and bags. And speaking of which, Portable Pixels has finally released its famous retro virtual pet for Android app and it goes by the name of “Hatchi”. The app can be downloaded for a very pet-friendly price of $0.99 at the Google PLAY Store.

Developed by Portable Pixels, the Hatchi virtual pet app aims to rekindle the joy and excitement that we once felt for Tamagotchis. It comes with very simple visuals that can be somewhat compared to phones with low profile monochromatic LCDs. You will then start by naming your very first virtual pet aka your ‘Hatchi’. It will start as an egg and will soon evolve according to how well it was raised. If neglected, the Hatchi could get sick and die. That being said, this new virtual pet for Android could be a good simulation game for kids especially to those who are planning to raise their own pets in the real world. With Hatchi, you will need to be mindful of your responsibilities as a virtual pet owner. Apparently, the virtual pet will act like a real pet. It will ask for food and it could feel sad when ignored.

That’s not all. The game could be addictive as it will bring this certain kind of bond between the Hatchi and its owner. It is also very simple to play and it won’t oblige you to familiarize yourself with complex game commands and controls. All that you need to do is to raise the virtual pet well, keep it happy and allow it to evolve through time. By then, the happiness and excitement of seeing your Hatchi evolve into a healthy creature could definitely be the most awesome reward that you can have as you have spent a lot of time and effort to make it evolve.


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