How Facebook Fan Page can assist your small business

Facebook is a powerful social networking tool not only for individuals, but it is meant for business and brands .However; the dilemma remains how facebook fan page can benefit your business. There are countless ways in which your business can get benefited.

Here, I will reveal top ten ways in which your business can attain the lost momentum.

Before jumpstarting further, let’s understand what the fan page is. Facebook Fan page is a profile of a business or organization and it is quite different from an individual page.

Now, let’s delve into advantages of Fan Page

Provides a platform to the business- Creating a facebook fan page provides an opportunity to brand to present itself to customers, employees, vendors, etc. Unlike individual profile Facebook fan page can be accessed by public in general, which in turn proves beneficial to the business. Moreover, the people don’t need to log on to attain information of your brand.

It provides traffic to your website- With the assistance of Facebook Fan page you can drive traffic to your website. Redirecting a small amount of facebook traffic to your website can bring a lot of daily traffic to your website.

It enhances your SEO- With the recent Panda update, Google has provided a clear indication that your website will rank better; if you have a social networking page. The neat trick is tweaking your business page on facebook. Also, through this way you can leverage more traffic to your website.

It can also serve as a forum- A facebook fan page can serve as a forum where businesses, customers and other brand advocates can add to your facebook wall, interact with you, answer the queries or share photos and videos with each other.

It is the best way to engage your customers in a way that is loyal, promising and diligent.

A direct connection- A facebook fan page directly connects you and your customers. Through, this you can send messages or posts to target individuals without any restriction of geographical boundaries. Using facebook fan apps, you can schedule events, sent invitations, and do lot more things.

The truth is, 80% of all communication is visual. Even before we open our mouth in front of colleagues, clients or business associates, we make a statement through a facebook fan page. It’s up to us, and nobody else, to ensure we look the part and inspire confidence in others. Through, this method you can truly make a statement.

It enhances customer relationships- We live in a cosmopolitan world, where customer is king, and our business can’t enhance; if we overlook their interests. Through, this you can establish a social connection with your business setting and not by promoting.

 Do you need a brand evangelist, you have one- Most business join facebook to enhance their brand rather than sell their products. If you are able, to find one such influential brand evangelist who has host of connections, they will authenticate and sell the product on your behalf.

Last but not the least, through a facebook fan page you can maintain an edge over your competitors.


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