How Facebook is Generating Awareness about Web 2.0

Let’s face it, if you ask anyone in the street about RSS, widgets, API or wiki, many won’t know it. They will think you are speaking an alien language that is beyond their comprehension. Evan an internet savvy person will show a blank face when you ask such questions. Hence, facebook, a social network which is ahead of the pack is trying to provide awareness among individuals.

Here are some ways in which Facebook is Generating Awareness about Web 2.0

Wikis- Wikis is a place where everyone can share and edit the information provided he has access to the account. This notion of collaboration and participation turns out to be more productive and useful for all the members of the community.

To make this concept popular Facebook has added a new concept Groups. According, to this concept, you can start a conversation; add images, commentary, etc. Furthermore, administrators have a right to hold your comment for moderation.

Blog- A blog is a stack of information that adds value to reader’s knowledge. In the similar way, you can add note on the facebook where you can express your opinions in a chronological order also known as weblog.

User Generated Content- The name in itself is self explanatory; yet it needs an explanation. An example of user generated content is photos, videos, and audio clips. Not only, Facebook allows you to add photos and videos in a convenient manner, but it also provides a powerful video experience.

API- It is an acronym for application user interface. It allows you to integrate your services by tapping into the facebook data.

Micro Blogging- Micro Blogging has revolutionized the web 2.0 world. Through micro blogging sites like Twitter and Tumblr, you can update the status message about your mood, lifestyle, or anything that interests you.

Facebook has introduced status updates to keep an edge over its competitors.

Widget- It adds value to the content and the publisher. It can be in the form of a poll or anything that grabs reader’s attention. On the similar basis, facebook has added application, wherein user can add a given application on the profile page through which he can see others and interact with others.

RSS- RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. Facebook has introduced this protocol within its site as well. Anyone can subscribe to RSS feeds and remain updated about another’s user notes.

Wrap Up

Facebook is just putting old wine in a new bottle and that too in a remarkable way. Kudos! to the technicians of facebook.


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