How RapidDrive increases your file management Efficiency?

In order to compete directly with the leaders in cloud storage, DropBox and SugarSync, RapidShare has come with its own offering, the RapidDrive.

RapidDrive is a Cloud Storage which syncs with your local storage. RapidDrive Beta is a new file management tool presented by RapidShare that integrates seamlessly to your local storage, currently your Windows PC( Yes, CloudDrive is in Beta at present and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Versions for other operating systems are also planned into the Microsoft operating system). The final release is expected to come at the start of September, after completion of the testing phase.

Below is How RapidShare RapidDrive increases your file management Efficiency?

If productivity or efficiency matters to you on web AND if you have to share a a lot of data with people on web, then simple steps taken at limiting the number of clicks, make a big change. As you are saving valuable time.

Below is how RapidDrive makes you more efficient: 

RapidDrive, provides a tool that creates an even closer link between cloud storage and the PC environment, which makes it easier to manage files. How? here is how:

1) RapidPro customer accounts are included directly in the Windows folder structure, from where they can be conveniently managed using Windows Explorer. 

2) The account is displayed in the Explorer window simply and clearly in the same way as an additional hard disk. Files can be dragged and dropped to RapidDrive for uploading and downloading. 

3) By integrating RapidDrive into the Microsoft operating system, RapidShare customers now have another intuitive and time-saving function that allows files to be uploaded directly from other programs (such as word processing programs) into the RapidShare account. 

4) Install RapidDrive, network drive on your computer, which is directly connected to your RapidShare account. The drive can be found in your Windows explorer, in addition to your other hard drives.  This allows you to use your files directly on your computer without going through our RapidDrive homepage.

RapidDrive is displayed in your task bar, where you can also close it, when you are done using it. RapidPro is necessary to be able to use RapidDrive.

You save a Few Clicks here and there, this is how you save time and increase your productivity on web. And this is how you become more efficient.


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