Innobuzz offers much more than Certification on Ethical Hacking

Those who are fascinated with the word hacking OR those who are neck deep into online-marketing and bloggging, may surely have searched the web for the tutorials on hacking, online marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Although any such search can offer the searcher thousands of tutorials and resources,  they are not very helpful.

There are reasons for that.

1) The people who normally search for such tutorials very often don't have any prior knowledge of Computer programming; and

2) The resources on web, even when free, are so scattered and moduled, that even advanced users of web can't easily make sense of them. In short, the pithy saying, "Web has everything you can search of" applies steeply to a very low percentage of web users i.e. experts.

For the reasons above, for the bearshare of netizens, who have a keen interest in  hacking, online marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there's always a need of a systematic and well researched Courses, such as Innobuzz's Ethical Hacking Training Suite OR Innobuzz's Certified Information Security Expert (CISE).

Innobuzz is a buzz word in information security training and knowledge based solutions since 2007

Yes courses from Innobuzz.

Innobuzz is a privately owned Indian company based out of New Delhi, India which has been providing information security training and knowledge based solutions since September, 2007. Innobuzz has grown from an Information Security Training Startup in 2007 to a Multi-National Information Security Training Brand with extensive reach in over 23 Countries. If my memory serves me correctly then only this February, they extended their footprint in South Africa. Can't say for abroad, but in India, Innobuzz is definitly a buzz word when it comes to Ethical hacking.

Courses offered by Innobuzz:

Innobuzz which aims to impart practical knowledge on Ethical Hacking & to bridge the gap between demand and supply of Information Security professionals; and is already a leading Information Security Training Provider worldwide offers a variety of programmes which you can choose according to your interest and comfort.

The courses include both Class Room courses and Distance learning Courses. Below are they:

* Programs run by Innobuzz are: Ethical Hacking (Classroom and Distance Learning. The certification offered is Certification Program on Information Security and Ethical Hacking - CISE (Certified Information Security Expert) )

* PHP/MySQL (Classroom and Distance Learning )

* Online Marketing/SEO (Classroom and Distance Learning )

* Network Security

* Web Application Security (Class-room only for now )

* Android Application Development (Distance Learning for now )

A Bit about Hacking for the uninitiated:

Hacking means gaining access of a computer system without having permission to do so. Hack also means "creating something quickly or putting together something useful quickly". In internet/computer/network parlance hacking simply means "taking an unauthorised access to a system or network" OR "Breaking into a System or network illegally".

Experts define hacking in two ways: 1) Ethical Hacking also called White Hat hacking 2) Unethical Hacking or Black Hat hacking.

To understand the two, see Ethical or White Hat hacking as "breaking in to a System/Network" not for some malicious intention/self benefit, but to bring to the System/Network owner's notice the weak points in the system/Network security; so that the owner can remove the loopholes and make the System/network safe from Black Hat Hackers.


With growing sophistication in online commerce and proliferation of Right to Information; More and more data is coming on Web. Learning adequately about Hacking, network security can open doors to lucrative, legal and useful employment in coming days.

The other courses offered by Innobuzz are equally relevant in present and future. Take for instance the Android Application Development (Distance Learning for now ) course provided by Innobuzz.Courtesy the record number of Android devices being activated per day; in no time, the Android OS will be in the most number of devices (smartphones, tablets). This makes Application Developmental for Android a hot business.

Before I conclude, let I admit, the most extensive material available online is on online-marketing and SEO; but searching for stuff is a time consuming and many a times unproductive for professionals who blog or wish to run online businesses. Here Innobuzz's systematic programmes can be of great help.


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