iPad Mini Looks revealed by engineering sample leak

When Steve Jobs was alive, he was not in favour of a 7 inch touch screen tablet. But with Tim Cooks steering the company now; a 7 inch iPad, being called the iPad Mini, appears to be a reality.

An early engineering sample of the iPad Mini appears to have leaked. The sample is a nearly featureless slab which has the new smaller 19-pin mini dock connector (which will find a place in the iPhone5 as well). Next to the connector is a speaker grill (surly as better location, as it save the user from covering it with palm).

The Size...

Since the dimensions of a display device are measured diagonally; it is seen that a 7 inch screen is 45 percent smaller than a 9 inch screen. The leaked engineering sample reveals that ipad Mini is roughly 2/3 the size of the current iPad (that's 33 percent smaller), and is noticeably thinner. The iPad Mini will be 213mm tall and 143mm wide; thus, just a little wider and taller than the Google Nexus 7 tablet. This is consistent with the recent rumors, which claimed that the iPad Mini would feature a 7.85-inch screen made by Sharp. At that size, Retina Display resolution is possible. But the fact that the app developers have to deal with yet another screen, goes against the screen that size. --------

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