Is Social Media Obsession gripping the world?

Social Media obsession has pierced even in the minds of children. Now they don’t like to go out and play rather they want to remain glued to their computer screen updating their status, commenting on others profiles, etc. The question is how much social media obsession one can handle. The answer is it depends upon whether you are an individual or businessman. Let’s see how the obsession is gripping the world.

It is a medium to connect- If you are an individual, you can share your interests or name or add some jittery thoughts. Also constant updates of your status what are you doing can prove dangerous. But if you are a businessman then these rules don’t apply to you.

Unfriend the strangers- If you are unaware about a particular person don’t add him/ her in your friend list. Firstly, the friend request can be a spam and secondly why would you allow stranger to see what is happening in your personal life. Keeping your site private can secure a lot of peace of mind.

Don’t get addicted- Remember the life is outside the computer screen it’s not inside the screen. Facebook has integrated people lives well, but how can we forget nature, trees, etc. In present times we are presented with a new dilemma is facebook making us lonely? What do you think?

Although no other medium can tell whether Jack and Jill love affair transformed into marriage ceremony or did they just broke up, yet going outside will provide mind more freshness and will remove clutter.

Well, now the logical question arises whether there is any need to ban these sites. The answer is no, rather you need to manage your time adequately. The bottom line is that internet form communication is not bad. All you need is to be smart about the way you juggle the various social networking sites.


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