It makes sense to Schedule Tweets based on Geography

If you are blogger and are regular user of services like tweetdeck, Seesmic, HootSuite and Twitterfeed; then you would have noticed or used the 'Tweet Schedule option' available there.

To tell you -- It makes sense to schedule your Schedule. Especially, based on Geography.

Why it makes sense?

To understand this, one should understand how people use Twitter, And more specifically -- How those Twitter users use Twitter, who either normally Retweet your content OR can be seen as potential retweeters in near future.

Twitter users who retweet content, are those who are are passionate Twitter users. That is those Twitter users who keep open their twitter timeline for significant portion of the day. If you tweet your content at a time, when such a Twitter user was sleeping, you lose the opportunity of a possible Retweet, no matter how good your content be.

Retweets matter a lot, if you want your content to viral on Twitter and the web.

Scheduling tweets based on geography of potential Re-tweeters( when it's night at a particular country, when a particular user normally retweets content) can be good strategy.


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