Learn New Language with Google's new Language immersion Feature

Yes you can now learn a new Language with Google's new Language immersion Feature.

How Google Language Immersion Feature works: 

As the name suggests, the feature immerses or puts the words & phrases from the 'language you are learning or aspire to learn' in the countless English language web pages you see every day. The objective is to keep you in a practice mode, even when you spend your entire day staring at English language web pages. To help you learn, Google immersion replaces certain words and phrases in an English webpage, with the ones from the language chosen by you. Thus the feature allows you to learn those words via their context, that is where and how they appeared.

An example will help you know the feature better...

Suppose a Web page with no Google Language Immersion Feature chrome add-on has line:

 Apple's Retina Displays may look great, but are significantly smaller than many of today's leading smartphones,

After installing the chrome add-on, you will see the same line with Spanish words and phrases. Like below: 

Apple's Retina Displays puede parecer grande, but are significantly más pequeño que muchos of líderes de la actualidad smartphones,

How To start using Google Language immersion feature:

1) Open Google Chrome browser

2) Reach Chrome Web store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore

3) Search 'Language Immersion Feature for Chrome' and install it

4) On successful installation you will see an icon on the Top Right of your Chrome browser window, besides the search or URL bar. Click on the icon and 'Pick a Language' and your expertise level. You can choose from 64 languages. The add-on is already on.

Happy Language Learning!


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