New Update-Facebook Voice Reminder- Powerful and Innovative Software for Masses

Do you own multiple fan pages on the facebook? If, your answer is resounding yes, then this app is ideal for you. With this app, you can set reminder in your own voice in fastest and simplest way.

Is there any need of this app?

It’s relatively common to be forgetful, especially if you have a host of fan pages on the facebook. Even the most careful social networking manager once in a while does this mistake. Perhaps it’s such a pain to toggle between the pages or to constantly switch the pages. 

Now, facebook has introduced a simpler way to switch between the pages. It makes you remind who you are and for whom you are posting the updates. The greatest perk of this app is; it allows you to toggle while you’re on a page. Moreover, you are not switching the accounts; you’re just navigating the pages. So, in this process you’ll be able to maintain your identity.

It’s truly a great reminder for all those social media marketers. See this video and explore more about this app.


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