Pinterest The Future of Health Industry

As the social media marketing is evolving, the virtual pinning site Pinterest has become the third largest network after Twitter and Facebook. Even the sites like You Tube and LinkedIn is striving to adapt, thrive and crush this site, but of no avail.

This tool provides a host of opportunities to health marketers seeking to bond the audience at emotional level by the use of visual imagery. The female skewed traffic also permits hospitals to tap into the life of women.

These methods are a powerful tool for engaging the women audience and building a strong relationship with them.

Stay precise and relevant- Create boards that provides stack of relevant information to the audience. The pininterest board may include health recipe, fitness exercise, inspirational quotes, recommended health care blogs, medical miracles, etc. By providing valuable content, you’ll be able to generate large audience to your website and there are more chances that users will repin your content, as it is useful.

Visual Imagery is worth one thousand pound- Visual imagery provides you the largest merit. It is a great way to get the maximum repins. But you need to make yourself aware about the images that you are adding follow these guidelines-use the minimum keywords to describe an image, use online resources to optimize pin and post, and see the best practices involved in sizing and linking the images.

Pin other blogs- Social Networking is all about connecting with other people. You can’t succeed; if you don’t use pin it buttons on another’s blogs or websites. A word of caution- you should not do just for the heck of it. The bottom line is that use Pin it button only for compelling images and content.

Add interactivity- Humanize the experience of social networking and add interactivity element to it. No doubt adding compelling content can provide inventory of information to patients, health care providers, and consumers. Connecting with consumers by telling stories adds an element of trust and reliability in the minds of patient.

Social Networking is all about trust building and adding an element of empathy always work in your favor.


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