RapidDrive: Basics you should know?

RapidDrive: Basics you should know?

1) What is RapidDrive?

Answer: RapidDrive is just like DropBox and Sugar Sync, the cloud Storages which easily sync with your local storage i.e. your computer ans allows you to share files not only directly from the hard drives but also from within applications. For intance you created a MS word document or MS Exel Spreadsheet and upload directly to the web. Thus RapidDrive increases your file portability.

RapidDrive allows you to install a network drive on your computer, which is directly connected to your RapidShare account. The drive can be found in your Windows explorer (Currently RapidShare supports Windows OS only), in addition to your other hard drives, allowing you to use your files directly on your computer without going through RapidDrive homepage.  For easy access, RapidDrive is displayed in task bar, where you can also close it, when you are done using it.

2) How can you use RapidShare?

Answer: In order to use Rapid Share, RapidPro is necessary.

3) Can you intsall an application or software on RapidDrive?

Answer: No. RapidDrive is like an external hard drive and therefore cannot be used to run software. That means that you can't install and run a program from there.

4) Where will you find the download link of a file?

Answer: First you have to activate the option “Use RapidShares right-click menu”. It can be found in the RapidDrive tool. Now you can copy the file or folder as usual. Please select "RapidShare" though instead of "Copy". You can now add the file wherever you want, for example in an email. The download link is then is going to be added instead of the file.

For files which have just been uploaded, the download link is also available in the "Upload" tab in main window.

5)Languages supported by RapidDrive?

Answer: RapidShare currently offers support in German and English. This means that a file in launguages other than these will either not open or when opened is not interpreted.

Some important Things:

1) Uploading content on Cloud storages takes time, from seconds to a couple of minutes.

2) RapidDrive and similar services can sometimes be slow, especially when you open a file which is saved on RapidDrive, it can take longer than usual for the file to be opened. That happens because the file has to be downloaded first. Files are not synchronized automatically as sometimes offered by other services.

3) Cloud storages can open files with most common and secure programs on the market. Hence don't them to open a file having a format of some indiscreet or suspicious software. To download RapiDrive Click Here.

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