Social Networking Sites for Business Professionals

While, promoting our business we remain limited to Facebook and Twitter, and forget other social networking sites.  And those who are interested in building more connections with business professionals will connect with sites like LinkedIn to develop connections with people who they want to work with.
With the growing demand and needs of professionals there is a need of bunch of social networking sites that can help entrepreneurs, business owners in meeting their needs. Here are top 15 social networking sites for business professionals.

BizNik- This social networking site is dedicated to help others when they need you the most. This networking site is dedicated to U.K professionals, where they will get quotes, advice, and much more.

Cofoundr- It is a group of entrepreneurs, designers, investors who are seeking to start a new venture.

E.factor- This is a virtual place designed for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Ecademy- It is a business network to create contacts and to keep yourself abreast with the latest developments in their field.

Entrepreneur Connect- It is a forum where entrepreneurs can connect and share their knowledge.

Fast Pitch- It is a business network where professionals can collaborate and connect with each other.

Focus- This social networking site allows IT professionals to make decisions in a better manner.

JASEzone- It is an ideal way to find potential clients and business associates.

LinkedIn- It allows you to collaborate with your friends.

Networking for Professionals- It is a networking where business networks integrate business and real events.

PartnerUp- It is a community for collaboration and sharing of interests.

PerfectBusiness –It lets entrepreneurs, investors and business experts to make a mutual success.

 Plaxo – It is a repository of address book that you may require to stay in touch.

Ryze- It allows professionals to share their interests, past location, and previous employers.


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