Tekken Tag Tournament 2 offers Snoop Dogg Stage as pre-order bonus

E-xpress Interactive Software together with Namco Bandai Games today announced the launch of a Special Tournament Mode for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and for a special pre-order bonus, an original Snoop Dogg Stage has been created.

The Snoop Dogg Stage is a stage based on a first-time gold collaboration with US hip-hop musical star Snoop Dogg (he is a man of multiple talents, has his cigarette or pot wrapping paper product as well). At the centre of the stage. Win the bout and the new original theme written by Snoop Dogg will be the stage’s background music.

What new Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Offers:

1) Tekken Tag Tournament 2 boasts of more than 50 playable characters. A maximum of four characters can be accommodated in one screen.

2) A new Tag Challenge mode by Tag Assault allows two characters to attack, or two characters to throw at the same time. This is in addition to the normal two vs two Tag fight or the Tekken basic one vs one fight.

3) Provides all playing modes such as one vs two fights.

4) With Tekken Tag Tournament 2, some classic characters from the Tekken series are making a comeback -- Michelle Chang, the Kenpo style fighting expert; Kunimitsu, an ex-ninja, and a ninjitsu fighting style expert; Ancient Ogre is a mysterious entity from an ancient time, nothing more is known about him, excepts that he roams around the world, for a true adversary, one who can pose a challenge to him.

The Tekken series pits a gamer to characters who specialise in real world Marshal arts experts. So you as a gamer has to tussle with a wrestler, traditional karate expert etc. The 3-dimensional stages always add to the flavour, as a player can move in an added third dimension.

Trailer (Comic-Con 2012):


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