Video Chat apps on Facebook that can Brighten up your day

Video chat, instant messaging has transformed the way it used to be. Ideally, video chatting is a nice way to keep in touch with your friends and family. With the advent of facebook, video chat has got a new definition.
Here are some facebook video chat apps that can provide you nice experience.

Tiny Chat- tiny Chat has become next line of fire in social networking. Through this app, you can chat; invite your friends online, and have a blast. Moreover, if you have this app in your place, you don’t need to ask your friend to have the application installed.

This app has become so viral that 75% of users in U.S.A are using it.

vChatter- vchatter facebook application proffers an easy way to connect with your friends and family. You can search your friends, clients or anyone who is available. If you are feeling, bit adventurous you can seek out for some random chat and meet new people on this platform.

ChatVibes- The major idea behind ChatVibes was to integrate facebook chat with video calling. All, you need to do is to install chatvibes to your facebook video chat and download the installer file, once downloaded, run the file on the browser that you use.

Once, installed you’ll see a video icon next to your friends who have installed the same.

Friend Cameo- A friend cameo is an app that lets you to do multichat with 3 friends at a time, isn’t it amazing. This app provides you fun and entertainment, on the first go. Funny photobooths is the centre of attraction. The app truly provides a breeze to one’s life.

Bandoo Chat- Bandoo chat is another fun video chat app that lets you to do everything that you have imagined.  It is a stylish app that has a host of applications in its list. 

Generally, it keeps your friends on the right hand side and it will provide you with little popups when new friends are available.  You can see yourself on the bottom left of the application, with the person that you are chatting with on the top.

You can use this app to chat with any random person.

Wrap Up

Undoubtedly, Skype  has transformed the way we used to video chat, but until facebook is integrated with skype, these video chat applications can do wonders for you. So, let’s see whether these video chat applications are fad or they are here to remain for a period of time.

Do let us know which among the above your favorite is and what makes it your eye candy. Comment on the post, we are eagerly waiting for your commandment.


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