Ways to make money on Facebook

Making money on Facebook, yes you heard it right. This tool not only helps you to assimilate information about individuals, but it can be a great revenue source too.

With Facebook, you can make money in various ways; all you need is persistence and hard work. Although, these applications provide an easy platform to make money, but you require a well thought plan. Strategy and business plan ultimately factors to your business success. Here are some applications that you can use to make money on the facebook

Radical Buy- Radical Buy used to be a great app to sell and buy anything on the Facebook. It worked similar to ebay where you listed the items to present it to your customers and in return you used to earn commission.

The coolest part of this app was you could promote products of other individuals too.
Update- The app has been discontinued and doesn’t work anymore.

My Merch Store- My Merch Store is a revolutionary way to earn money on the facebook. Have you heard about Zazzle, it lets you to create and design product on their site and promote it on the facebook. You can also dive into affiliate marketing; wherein you can promote products created by other artists and sell them on a commission basis. This venture is quite fruitful; if you have a host of friends on facebook.

Café Press- Café Press works on a similar line of thought as Zazzle with a difference that it works on a much bigger scale. You can sell a variety of products from T Shirts to anything that can be designed beautifully. Moreover, you can do affiliate marketing too i.e., you can sell products created by others and enjoy the commission.

Ether- Ether is an app that is set to bring transformation. It is meant for all those individuals who need to seek advice over the phone or through chatting. If, you are adept in giving the advice, then you can earn some extra money through this.

Ether will provide you a list of individuals that seek your advice. If, you are able to satisfy them, you can make it as an extra source of revenue. Also, if you are multilingual speaker or simply expert in foreign languages like French, Spanish or German, you can enjoy benefit of teaching others and making money in this process.

Music Blaster- Are you a fan of music and melody, then this app is perfect for you.  Even with a small knowledge of music you can earn, all you need to do is to open an online music store and sell music from BlastMyMusic.com. You will get a commission on every song that you sell. The coolest part is you can promote your favorite band or singer.

Shopit- It is a network where users can buy, sell or trade any product. It basically functions as an online store where you can add anything in your catalog or list it as favorite.

Lending Club- This app works in a similar manner as the age old concept of money lending. Through this, you can lend money to individuals and earn interest on the money lent. It is comparatively safe and legal way to earn money on the facebook.

Flame Tunes- It is again an app for all music enthusiasts, who want to start their career as a music promoter. Moreover, if you are an artist this is a perfect way to showcase your talent.

Wrap Up

Thus, these apps will lead to an effective solution to heighten your income.

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