webOS-based 'WindsorNot' phone?

Nearly an year ago, HP launched its TouchPad tablet with webOS. But failed. And shut down major development of the operating system. Later, HP announced that it would turn webOS into an open source project; without revealed much about the the gameplan.

The latest news from the webOS front is: The site webOS Nation discovered a video posted by a marketing company called Transparent House that showed a quick 360-degree look at a previously unrevealed webOS-based touch screen smartphone from HP.

The video has since been removed; however, the site did manage to take some screenshots from the clip.

The Phone...

The video said the name of the phone was the WindsorNot. The site speculates this is the same device that was previously rumored to have the codename 'Stingray'.

See the screenshot below.

webOS-based 'WindsorNot' phone concept revealed

Nothing is revealed about the phone specs. --------

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