100 Paragon levels in Diablo III upcoming Patches

Blizzard will be adding a new ‘Paragon’ system to Diablo III in the upcoming patches that aim to adjust endgame content as well as the Magic Find system ( specifically tweaking the unfair nature of swapping gear).

In a Diablo 3 blog post, Game director Jay Wilson explains ways by which a gamer can rectify the Game's current short comings.  Wilson says that once a player reaches level 60, character experience earned will go towards Paragon levels. An increasing border around the character portrait denotes the player’s progress in the upper-level mode.

There are 100 levels in all.

Each level offering a reward such as extra strength, dexterity, intelligence, or vitality along with a three per cent Magic Find and Gold Find. The gamer can reach to the upper Paragon levels in around the same time, as one took to get to level 99 in Diablo 2.

No exact date of the patch launch is not revealed. But it will be soon. --------

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