2012- Best 5 Android Apps you didn’t know about

Android applications have metamorphed the world of technology. There are enough of applications that come and go, but the video describes top 5 android applications that provide you host of advantages, but the catch is that you are unaware of it.

A quick snapshot of apps that you are unaware of

iON Road- As the name suggests, it provides you a safety net, while you are driving. GPS, smartphone native camera and sensors alert the drivers from the danger.

Tiny Shark app- This app has library of music that keeps you entertained on the first go.

Mighty Text- It is an app to text your friends using computer or tablet. Get instant notifications and much more.

Gentle Alarm- This alarm wakes you up from deep slumber sleep. Also it has features like dock support and night display.

Plex Media Player- It is a repository of your favorite albums.  American Dad, Arrested Developer, Balls of Steel it has all in it. Moreover, it is compatible on Mac, PC or Linux and Google TV.


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