3 Questions You need to Ask Before Choosing an Online Backup Solution

In present times, the question that demands urgent attention is How to choose an online backup solution. Well, the answer is to ask plenty of questions from the solution provider. A through research will help you to gain an insight on the services they provide.

However, when you are choosing any online backup solution these are the three questions that need to be addressed. So, before you jumpstart with their services ask them below mentioned questions.

How secured is their online backup solution?

One of the biggest challenges a small business face is the confidentiality of the information. If you are storing all your data at one place the security system needs to be well aligned. If the security does not address your needs and requirements, your data will be at stake. So, the neat trick is to encrypt the data by using the password, and transfer it by using a secured protocol.

Generally, a good online backup company has stringent security policies and you should review them before signing an agreement. Other item that seeks your attention is firewall, authentication policy, physical security, etc.

What features they offer?

The next question that every small business owner should ask from online backup solution company is the type of services they provide. The features that command your attention is

·         Whether the company is providing you remote access services or not
·         Are they providing you a facility of scheduled back up or not?
·         Whether the services are available on 24x7 bases or not?
·         Whether their sync between the services they proffer and the rate they provide
·         Whether they provide basic services like file downloading, file uploading, syncing, versioning, etc
·         Another important thing that you must ask is whether they are ready to provide you backup once demanded?
·         Whether the services are subject to trial period of 15 days or not?

These questions will let you know more about the service provider and will let you know whether it suits your requirements or not.

What level of support will they provide if their catastrophe?

The next major question you need to ask is what level of support you will provide if there is a natural disaster. Ensure that your cloud service provider has disaster management plan in place. Also, ask whether they would be able to restore the data urgently, as you may need it quickly.

Hope this small piece of information was useful for small businessmen.


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