5 Facebook Features that has gone

Facebook has a history of rolling out new features everyday. But some features were rolled out over enthusiastically, but it was crushed. Here’s a sneak peek on 5 facebook features that couldn’t withstand the crumbling times.

FBML- Facebook Markup language was made on similar lines of thought as Hyper Text Mark Up language. It allowed the owners of Facebook to customize the outlook of their page. With ravages of time, Facebook tried to stick to standard frame iframe and discarded FBML.

Facebook Gifts- Facebook Gifts or virtual gifting was cash cow business for Facebook, and it used to generate tens of million dollars to the company per year.

The company killed this app because of ongoing tussle between with Zynga, as virtual gifting is still alive with Farmville.

Facebook Deals- Taking a cue from profitable business like GroupOn and LivingSocial, it decided to open a group discount store. But they stemmed off this business and kept check in piece.

Facebook Lite- It was a fastest way to remain connected with the friends. But the whole idea was dropped. It was discontinued within 8 months.

Facebook Notes- This app remained for a longer period it was started in 2006 and it discontinued it in 2011.

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