720,896 GB of Data Stored onto a single gram of DNA

Researchers at Harvard, led by George Church, Sriram Kosuri and Yuan Gao, have managed to store a whopping 704-terabytes of data (1 Terra Byte Equals 1024 GB, the hard disk in my PC is 500 GB) onto a single gram of DNA. the feat was made possible by stuffing "96 bits into a DNA strand by treating each base (A, C, G, T, also called Codons. Codons are basic units in a DNA) as though it's a binary value. Watch the video below:

At present, the processing time is too slow for time-sensitive content, and cells with living DNA would destroy the strands too quickly to make them viable for anything more than just transfers.

Where the Scientists are seeing its use:

Scientists are hopeful of a day where A DNA strand will store the entire history of ... well, Humanity.


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