Below $100 USB Dongle For Streaming Online Video To Your TV -- PLAiR

Below $100 USB Dongle For Streaming Online Video To Your TV -- PLAiR

A new startup, named PLAiR, which only yesterday got a decent funding, is to roll out a new product. A Product, a USB dongle, to help users distribute content from over the Internet to their TVs.

The motto of PLAiR is to enable users “watch anything, anytime, anywhere.” Yes, unlike Apple TV and other streaming products, which allow streaming of content and apps of the partners and self; PLAiR is designed to stream everything. That's the dongle will be unlocked, so that the entire web and mobile video content can be streamed to your TV.

This is what, the PLAiR promotional video says:

“Basically, if you can find it online or play it on your mobile device, you can play it on TV,”.

TechCruch, has unearthed some more details about the Start-ups upcoming USB dongle.

PLAiR is a dolphin fin-shaped USB dongle designed to connect to your TV and, through the power of wireless networking, will allow you to send photos or videos from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone directly to the big screen in your living room.

The PLAir USB dongle will cost less than $100, and probably in the $59-$79 range.

At that cost, the PLAiR USB dongle can give competition to other streaming video devices like the Apple TV, Roku etc.

How PLAiR USB Dongle works:

Connect the USB dongle to TV’s USB port, wait 30 seconds, once ready, launch the PLAiR mobile app, which scans for local devices. Once a device is chosen and the WiFi network info and password is provided through the app, the device starts using that hotspot to beam content to the TV. After that you choose your TV brand, to help the dongle format the content for the TV. Once done, the content starts streaming to the TV. The Good thing is, once the process is over; a viewer can resume browsing the web on the device from where the PLAiR dongle is beaming the content. That apart, the dongle supports multiple devices and beam to more than one TV at the same time.

PLAiR, plans to launch apps for iOS and Android devices, so that users easily beam videos they’re watching on those devices to the TV. In addition, the Start-up will also have a web page and browser extensions that will let users create and manage playlists of content.


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