Can iPhone5 afford to have 1440mAh Battery?

Very soon the world have the new Apple iPhone, the iPhone 5.

 But rumor-mills are still agog.

The latest news, raising speculation is: A new battery shot which was allegedly leaked out for the iPhone 5.

The world is already speculating that the iPhone 5 battery run at 1440mAh, which is higher compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 4S. A Higher battery considering the larger display size on the new iPhone, in addition to potential battery-draining 4G LTE capabilities, can appear obvious.

Notably, the new iOS 6 will also help the new iPhone, will be able to run longer and more efficiently on a 1440mAh battery. Other speculation which is being discussed is the possibility of Apple toying around with their dual-core SoC design for the iPhone 5, which might see the integration of fewer battery-draining components such as Qualcomm’s Gobi chipset. But will a 1,440mAh rumor serve power users well?

How some top phones fare in terms of battery size:

Samsung Galaxy Note___________2,200mAh
Most modern day smartphones and phablets___________at least 1,800mAh
Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX___________3,200mAh (currently the numero uno) --------

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