Catapault King Walkthrough

Pros- It is physics based game that provides immersive 3D experience to players. The words cannot describe how exciting the game is.

Cons- The game is destructive in nature hence, not suitable for kids.

Castle Toppling Game- Exciting and Exhilarating

Catapult King is a brainchild of Wicked Witch Software, intended for iPhone, iPad and Android. In this game you have to solve puzzles and riddles at different stages with different tools available on each stage. The correct solution will lead you to next stage and so on till you complete the game.

What the game is all about

The game revolves around the princess; she is a happy free bird that is eventually caged by dragons.  Your fire breather in this game is catapult, capable of doing a host of projects. You can tap the rock, pull it back and then maneuver the shot accurately and precisely. Out on a distance you will see crates, boards, stones, bricks, etc and a top of them there are knights who are insulting you now and then. Don’t you feel like sending them to the ground or thrashing them violently? Well, go for it.

The lewd knights are not helpless little birds they have power to build strong buildings and structures. As the level progresses, you will see stronger materials and distance structures. The mission always remains the same knock down and take out from the building everything you can. 

It is a visually impressive game that adds destruction in the whole kingdom, with just one tap. Isn’t amazing!
It is a highly competitive game ahead of its competitors. 

How to play the game

The game has different levels or quests to accomplish. As the game progresses, you’ll get a chance to earn magic. If you don’t want to do so, you can earn magic in exchange of currency.

·         Aim- It costs 20 magic
·         Earth- it costs 25 magic
·         Meteor strike- it costs 30 magic

These powerups can be used independently in the game, with exception of Aim. As such aim, can be used only to earn badge and its best use is to clear the difficult level of the game. Aim does his job well, and the arrow provides you a direction of where the ball will be landing.

The first and foremost step is to eliminate the guards that are posted at different levels. If you are thinking that by aiming high or at guards, you will earn extra badge, you are wrong. It is of no use. Go methodically and slowly- key to success. 

Before starting with first step, you need to check, whether you have a stack of bombs or not. The most important thing is type of bombs that you have in your kitty.

Regular and normal bombs are great for kicking tan wood boxes.

The black bombs are perfect for kicking out darker brown/ stone blocks.

Split bombs can be used to hit multiple targets. Timing between the splits is crucial. The earlier you tap, wider the radius bomb will drop.

It is a jaw dropping game that brings something new to physics castle topping games, and it does its job beautifully. An indulging game packed with 60 levels, retina display support, and magic packs. Truly, a promising game.


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