Chit Chat for Facebook, Now offers more than Official Facebook Chat Client

In January this year, we shared with you a new dedicated Chat client for Facebook. In the said post we wondered why many active Facebook users, who spend hours on Facebook chatting, and multi-tasking; have still not graduated to a dedicated chat client.

[A dedicated Facebook Client allows you to continue chatting, even when you close the Facebook page]

Chit Chat has come a long way since then. Yesterday the makers of Chit Chat released a significant update to the Chit Chat application, v1.5. This new version features a completely new interface design, enhanced connectivity and dynamic chat connection technology.

You may be asking, why bother using improved "Chit Chat", as Facebook has released their own Windows messenger?

The reason is:

Chit Chat Messenger application offers benefits that the official Facebook product doesn't provide - for example the status update aggregation, proxy compatibility, short cut keys.

So use Chit Chat. --------

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