Cloud Hosting- A sneak peek

Cloud Hosting is a revolution in the field of technology. It has literally dismantled the concept of dedicated server hosting. Now let’s dive deep into cloud hosting basics and how it works.

What is Cloud Hosting?

It is similar to owning of servers, hardware and software to serve your website needs without actually running it. Seems confusing? Well, have you ever used bit torrent? If your answer is resounding yes, then you have used cloud web hosting. In simple terms, it is a way to find a stack of information from thousand other servers around the world that has back up for the same.

The bottom line is that with host of servers in your hand, you don’t have to worry about the down time. You will have a greater access to bandwidth, CPU and power. The feature that sets it apart is its scalability i.e. you can add or remove several computers at one point of time, without providing a blow to its overall operation.

Reasons why cloud web hosting is in demand

Cloud Hosting has become a fad in present times because through it you’re able to provide a multitude of options to the users. Now the main area of concern remains the website.  The second reason of its prominence is scalability of operations and last but not the least you don’t need to pay excessively. It is like your taxi meter where you need to pay only the billed amount.

The ultimate result is you won’t have to face sudden crash of website and everything will remain under your control.

Hope you have understood cloud hosting basics now let’s move forward on how it works.

How cloud hosting works

As stated earlier every server lets you to carry a particular amount of load, and if that server ceases to work another server will be there to assist you.

For instance, have you ever wondered why Google has never faced a downtime, since a decade? The answer is cloud hosting. If a particular server of Google doesn’t work there is another server to provide a backup. Same is the case with You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, and other micro blogging sites.

But there is a catch- don’t use of low quality hardware, as it may hamper the performance of the website, and if you are investing the money in cheap company, then your money is at a stake. Mark my words- it is not recommended to invest in a cheap web hosting company.

If you are planning to employ cloud web hosting, then quality is your primary aim. High quality enterprise cloud web hosting providers employ various technologies like VMWare, and try to provide you quality services, which is far better than dedicated web hosting services.

Where it is applied

Cloud Hosting is not only deployed by social networking sites, but it can also be used by sites like Hulu, NetFlix and other video streaming sites. These companies constantly understand their users; and in order to enhance their experience they are trying to use the services of a company like Livestream, for server less connectivity.


Cloud Hosting is still in a stage of infancy, but it will surely create a huge impact on individuals and businessman.

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