DaCast pay-per-view live streaming launched on Facebook for for indie Fans

Indie bands can't make  big money, as they normally perform in one small club at a time.

DaCast just launched a pay-per-view live streaming solution for Facebook that specifically targets smaller bands and other small businesses with just a few thousand fans on the social network.

DaCast launched pay-per-view live streaming on Facebook today, enabling indie bands and other small to medium businesses to broadcast their live events on the social network and charge viewers for access. DaCast’s new pay-per-view offering accepts Facebook credits as well as Paypal and traditional credit card payments. DaCast specifically targets bands with its new Facebook pay–per-view offering. The offering is closely tailored towards the needs of smaller bands who have a few thousand fans on Facebook and are looking to complement the money they get from live gigs with online streams.

Stressing on the suitability of DaCast’s offering to Indie bands of all sizes, the founder of DaCast said that DaCast's offering becomes more relevant, when one considers that the some of DaCast's competitors ask for a 50 percent cut of any pay-per-view revenue. DaCast on the other hand charges roughly ten percent.

DaCast founder and CEO Stephane Roulland is optimist that live-streamed pay-per-view events market is going to be very, very big.

Apart from Indie Bands, the offering showed good results with Churches as well.That apart, the company will offer a donation-based alternative that better suits their needs.

About DaCast:

DaCast specializes in self-serve solutions that can be set up in minutes. The company ventured into pay-per-view a couple of months ago and already generated $0.5M in revenue. DaCast started out in 2008 as a P2P streaming provider, but changed its course in 2010 and has since been offering what it calls “streaming as a service” – a video platform for small to medium-sized publishers that are looking for a self-service option to get up and going quickly. DaCast is based in San Francisco and Paris and currently employs 20 people. The company raised a total of $2 million from angel investors.

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