Deponia for PC Download Info, Synopsis and Gameplay

Deponia is a third-person point and click PC game that you can download via Steam. It follows the story of an ill-tempered young man named Rufus as he tries to devise a lot of hapless plans to escape the garbage covered planet of ‘Deponia’.
Toni and ill-humored Rufus
What makes this game even more interesting is the fact that the characters have been well portrayed and you can clearly follow the story that will somewhat develop the personality of the grumpy protagonist. He is apparently tired of being stuck in the lowest social class and he will do anything just to escape from his boring world of trash. Unfortunately, his attempts to escape would always fail. Nevertheless, his failed pursuits eventually led him to meet Goal, a gorgeous lady who happens to be from the upper social class. Rufus also learned that he looks exactly like Goal’s husband. He then starts to create a scheme that could bring him to the world of the rich but he won’t be able succeed because of the feelings that he is keeping for the upper-class beauty. Your job is to guide Rufus throughout his journey.

Deponia isn’t your usual strategy game. It’s a third-person point and click game that would require a heap of wits. Plus, you will be amazed to see its stunning 2D graphics. You don’t really need to memorize a lot of controls. Just use a responsive mouse and you’re good to go! Gameplay wise, you have to follow a plot that will lead to the next chapter of your lead character’s wacky adventures. You will also be tasked to collect a variety of objects. For example, you need a hand torch to put some fire in the oven and a whole lot more. The actions that you need to take would determine your overall progress in the game.

I’ve played a lot of strategy games but there’s something about Deponia that you cannot easily find on any other games. It will definitely get you hooked as you will be eager to know how the lead protagonist will be able to win the heart of his beloved maiden and will he be able to succeed in escaping his own junk-filled world?

Developed by Daedalic Entertainment, the free demo version of Deponia can be played online and you can download the full version of the game via Steam for a discounted price of $15.99. Just keep in mind that the limited offer will only last until August 15th. After that, the game will return to its original price which is $19.99. If you want to learn more about the game, you might as well watch the game’s official English trailer.


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