Design Approval System WordPress Plugin Review

Design Approval System is a free WordPress plugin from Slick Remix. It aims to provide a more efficient and effective method for showcasing and sending the preview or draft version of a design to a client. The latest version of the plugin is compatible with WordPress 3.0 and above.

Imagine that you are a graphic designer and you want to show a draft of your latest project to your client or customer. Without the plugin, you would normally email the image of the draft design as you wait for your client’s approval. That could be quite underwhelming especially when you’re trying to boost your credibility as a graphic design professional. However, if you decide to use the Design Approval System plugin by Slick Remix, you will be able to use your WordPress blog to publish your ‘design posts’.

How It Works

The plugin is very easy to use. After installation, you will be prompted to customize the appearance of your plugin by providing your company’s name, email address and logo. You are also allowed to customize the texts that you want to appear on the design post. After which, you can create your first ‘design post’. Just look for the ‘Add New’ design post option on the Design Approval System panel of your Dashboard. It is like creating a new post sans the lengthy paragraphs. You will upload the image or screenshot of your design instead of typing some words. Plus, you are required to fill the blank fields with your client’s name, email, project due date, design title, etc. Once done, you can publish and view your post. You may then click the ‘send email’ button (located under the ‘Designer’s Notes’) and the plugin will automatically send an email to your client/s prompting them to accept or deny the design that you have posted on your blog.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a graphic designer, a custom WP template maker, a photographer or a web developer. As long as you have something that you want to showcase or deliver in a more efficient manner, you can definitely take advantage of the plugin’s cool features. Plus, it’s a good way to show that you can professionally manage your projects. There will be times wherein you will encounter a couple of errors or glitches but that can be easily resolved by tweaking your plugin settings or by simply reloading the post. Thus, the Design Approval System plugin deserves to have an overall rating of 9 out 10 stars.


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