Earn Income through You Tube

As the field of digital marketing is broadening the business executives, freelancers and professionals are using social media as a tool to market the content.

But do you know you can even earn money through You Tube. Read the post further for more details.

Originally people who add videos on You Tube know the process on how the process of monetization works. It  involves securing audience, and then adding advertisements to it. Once your, you tube video crosses 10,000 views, you can attach advertisement to it and start earning a whopping $.05 as subsidy.

The rules of game have changed

With the changing times, You Tube has made modifications in its rules. Now you don’t require minimum viewership, rather the regulation stipulates the fact that minimum $100 should be earned on the video and the balance will be carried forward for the next month.

Stringing more videos to the content can distract the audience, therefore video placement purpose depends upon whether the audience watches the full content or not. If he watches the full content then a host of advertisements can undermine the importance of content. To provide you an instant solution; customization option is provided.

Value perks up your income

It proffers various levels of participation within a channel. A single video can draw a huge amount of money; if there are more than 6000 subscribers.  An ideal option is to choose overlay ads against pre roll ads to enhance the viewership, and add more subscribers to your video. The overlay ad is significantly different from pre roll ads. The overlay ad remains at the bottom of the screen, while in a pre roll ad user have to wait till the time ad finishes up.

You Tube Partner- Additional way to earn money

Once the viewership has reached to 6000 subscribers, now you become eligible for You Tube partner. This partner status lets you to earn the income from the page where video is located.

Ultimately whether you’ll earn money or not depends upon the content that you have uploaded. Whether the video is on musical instrument, tutorial or for any business the main aim is to engage the audience. If you are able to live up to their expectations you’ll succeed.

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