Facebook Questions to have larger visual format

According to reports, Facebook is busy testing larger visual format for its Questions product.

The larger visual format means -- large photos that users can click on to respond.

This is revealed by some, who spotted Facebook guys testing this on its own “Known Issues on Facebook” and “Facebook Tips” pages.

The same changes when tried to be replicated by some ordinary users, didn't effected. Making the implementers, infer that the changes were part of some testing; and whether the same will be rolled out to ordinary Facebook users, is uncertain.

What the New Larger Visual Format looks like:

According to InsideFacebook, the new layout is much more noticeable in News Feed and includes subtle animations when users hover their mouse over the different options. After users choose an answer, they will see how others voted. This aspect appears in the same format that Facebook originally used for Questions.

A chiefly visual layout appeared on mobile devices as well. Here when a user clicks through from a friend’s News Feed story,and responds by touching the image they want to vote for.

Notably, Facebook Questions is an abandoned sort of product of Facebook, which was launched last year. initially it showed some promise, by envisioning concepts like the polling and recommendation feature. But later on Facebook guys lost interested in the offering. Interestingly, only recently, Facebook allowed to see and answer questions from mobile devices. Users still can’t ask questions via mobile.

Who will be delighted with larger visual format, on Facebook Questions:

Marketers and those entrepreneurs or business people who practice personal branding. Politicians, celebrities and leaders can benefit too. A bigger picture of the person and ability to click on it to respond, is a good way to connect to fans. If Facebook extends the larger visual format to more pages; and with Facebook testing page post ads in News Feed, this may become a new interactive advertising opportunity, notes InsideFacebook.


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