Facebook Whisper Code- An Overview

Have you heard the term Facebook Whisper Code? If the answer is no, then go on further to read what is Facebook whisper code.

A Facebook whisper code is similar to brick and mortar type of business. In simple terms, if your company is available on the online basis then you don’t need a whisper code. It is a cheeky name that suggests when the user receives the code he will go to the business location or server to redeem the discount. The logic is applicable more to the restaurant chains, clothing stores and salons.

For instance, a company that successfully used whisper coupon code was Sprinkles Cupcakes, this bakery featured whisper code on the fan page and people ushered this code and get the free pan cake. It really inspired people to visit the bakery and try the sweet delicacy.

Another company that tried the same was Dominos Pizza. Presently they are using this to earn more fans and to promote their product.

Thus, whisper codes are a great way to capture the attention and it adds more footsteps to your business. The neat trick is adding whisper codes at the right time of the business. For instance, if you want more footfalls on Tuesdays from 10a.m to 2p.m, then it is better to proffer discount at that time.


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