Free Web Apps for Everyday Tasks

With free web apps you can accomplish most of the everyday tasks like unzipping the files, creating to do lists and shrinking the photos. Given to their nature, these web tools can be accessed from anywhere.

Notepad apps

It is a simple notebook like app that presents you with a blank page when you visit the site. All you have to do is to hit the create tab to make it web accessible file. Save the admin url, you get. You can go back to this URL to edit the note.


For To Do Lists

To create to do lists hit create your daily to do list tab. Add the tasks that you need to perform and click on save tasks.  You’ll be provided with the custom URL, which should provide you access from other PC. The next time the computer would automatically remember the URL and will open it immediately.

To compress your images

Your photo has a huge size and you want to trim down the flab.  All you need to do is to head towards JPEGMini and upload all files in this smart web app. The greatest perk of this app is it retains the quality and resolution of the image, while making photos to 1/5 of their original size. Thus, you will save in terms of space and it is a great option; if you want to upload pictures on the web.

To convert the files

With zamzar, be assured that your files will be converted into a flash of second. Be it be Docx to doc or to PDF file or if you want to change an image from TIFF file to JPEG or if you want to change the video from FLV to AVi. This smart app can accomplish everything.

Zip the files

Do you face difficulty in zipping the files? If your answer is yes, try ZipMe.  All you need to do is to point the files that you want together and it will work as a magic wand. 

What if someone sends you an archived file and you don’t have the right tool? We have solution for that too. Wobzip is a right tool to extract your files. It supports various formats like 7Z,RAR,TAR,XAR and XZ.,

So, now say adieu to software free web apps are here to do your everyday tasks.

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