Headphone- the User’s Manual

We spend thousands of bucks on the MP3 player, but when it comes to enjoying the musical experience we resort to some cheap ear phone or headphone.  But if you really crave for superlative music experience, then choose the accessory very carefully.

Earbuds- It fits well inside the cavity of your outer ears
Pros- it is compact and fits into everyone’s budget.
Cons- Earbuds are not able to produce audiophile quality sound, and people with smaller ears find it bit uncomfortable; they are prone to falling out during strenuous exercises or jerks.
Ideal for- The ear bud is an ideal option for budget conscious individuals and casual music listeners.

In-canal earphones- Unlike ear buds they are able to fit into your ear perfectly because they are made up of silicone or foam tips that fit well into your auditory canal. It has two or three tips of different sizes to create a fit for everyone.
Pros- It fits like a plug that assists in keeping the music in and extraneous sounds out.
Cons- It can be uncomfortable, especially when the tips have a hard finish; good pairs are priced exorbitantly.
Ideal for- It is ideal for commuters because it provides a seal of isolation

Canalbuds- It is like ear buds with a difference that they create a slight extension into the ear canal to keep out the external sounds. It comes with two or different silicone covers of different sizes.
Pros- It provides superlative sound quality and is more comfortable than in canal ear phones.
Cons- It is steeply priced and sound isolation is not as good in contrast to in-canal earphones.
Ideal for- These are ideal for individuals who think that in-canal earphones are uncomfortable and are looking for better alternative than ear buds.


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