How Apple, Amazon security flaws, hacked within minutes 'entire digital life' of Mat Honan!

Mat Honan, A leading technology journalist, who writes for Wired, had his 'entire digital life' hacked in less than an hour -- courtesy "Flaws in Apple and Amazon security".

How such Quick Hacking materialized:

As Apple only requires basic security questions in order to access your Apple ID. From there the hackers were able to delete Mat's Google and Gmail account, stop his iPhone from working and take control of his Twitter page, reports The Daily Mail.

In an article on, Honan shared with the world how the hacker, with who he actually spoke to, carried out the attack. After, revealing his modus operandi, the hacker also guided Mat to carry out his very own mock hack. According to Mat, all one needs to get into your iCloud account, is a billing address and the last four digits of a credit card number. Once rendered, Apple will issue a temporary password, and that password grants access to iCloud. The hacker managed to get Mat's credit card number by taking advantage of another security breach on Amazon.

How the Hacker took advantage of Amazon security breach:

He called Amazon and tell them he is the account holder, and want to add a credit card number to the account. All he required was the name on the account, an associated e-mail address, and the billing address.

After that, he called Amazon once again, and tell Amazon that he has lost access to his account. Upon providing a name, billing address, and the new credit card number, which he already had, Amazon allowed him to add a new e-mail address to the account.


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