How to Clean your CD-Basic steps

In present times, we all use CD to hear our favorite music. But the heartburn is caused when it is accidentally destroyed or some scratches creep up. Here are the some basic steps on how to clean your CD.

Use Micro Fiber Cloth-To clean up the accidental fingerprints or dust from the CD’s surface, use a dry micro fiber cloth design to speck off the dust from your spectacles.

Use Distilled Water- If you are really interested to increase the longevity of your disk; its better to clean the disc with the distilled water rather than tap water. A word of caution-don’t use detergents, organic solvents and chemical solvents like benzene. In extreme cases, wash it with distilled water and pat dry it with cloth. Place it back at the right place once it becomes dry.

Clean in straight line- While cleaning your favorite CD, it is essential that you wipe it in a straight line, beginning from the center and then moving outwards. Wiping in a circular motions is a strict no no, as it may cause scratches.

Cleaning Kit- it is a recommended advice to extend the life of your CD, buy a cleaning kit that safeguards you against stains and dust.


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