Implementing SMS Verification on a Wordpress Site

Do you show protected content on your website; and find a need to verify site users, before they head to the content?

If yes, then a new WordPress plugin named WP SMS Verification, provides the soultion.

The plugin verifies site users via SMS and allows them to see some protected site contents.

How WP SMS Verification wordpress plugin works:

The plugin works via shortcode. If as a site admin, you want to show some post contents to only verified users, then you wrap the protected contents with this shortcode.

If the user is not verified yet, they will be asked to enter their mobile phone number and a 4 digit code will be sent to their phones via text message. The next step, asks the user to enter that code on the site and is given a go ahead, once he puts in the correct code.

What WP SMS Verification wordpress plugin offers:

Verify users via SMS and show information only to verified users.
Verification works for both logged in and not logged in users.
Admin can make users verified manually (if user fail to verify themselves through SMS )
Unregistered or Visitor users can see restricted information by verifying their mobile number as well
Supports 140+ Countries
Show/Hide contents via WordPress shortcode
Offline user verification
Customized integration with other services

Availability: The plugin costs just $14. You can buy it from Here.

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