India is among Top Nations when it comes to Google Search Queries on Education

Google India recently unveiled the fact that India ranks second to the US when it comes to search queries related to various educational courses. The study further highlights the fact that over 60 percent of Indian students who have access to the internet connection search for information related to courses and institutes. 

The most searched topics among the Google is IT and vocational courses followed by MBA and engineering colleges. The study also highlighted the fact that an average Indian student spends approx five to six months on researching the institute where they want to take the admission. 

Google survey also revealed the fact that with the advent of Smartphone, these students want to have a mobile friendly website. About 66 percent students access internet through mobile phones. Another interesting thing about the survey was the students wanted more videos as a part of educational research. The statistics revealed the fact that about 56 percent of students wanted video on career placements and 46 percent wanted video on faculty.

In the nutshell, Google is exploding with educational related search queries, which proves that internet has an impact on the child education.

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