Is Facebook Making us feel Abandoned and Depressed?

Facebook is a platform where we share our gorgeous shutterbugs and post witty comments, but have we ever realized that Facebook is turning dangerous.

The success is perceived by the photographs, no of friends and glossy profile. Most of us upload the photos of last night party or vacation and people think we are super social and enjoying our life to the core. But the prosaic reality is we are not doing so.

Out of 10, 6 people try to compare their life with another and this comparison is gearing towards them into a pit of loneliness. People need to clear the myth that more happiness doesn’t indicate more success.

Fun and colorful profiles don’t guarantee that you are hail and hearty. The video presents you with a lot of bombarding questions that you need to answer to yourself.

The dilemma that today’s world faces is, Is Facebook presenting distorted image of a person?


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